Weightloss Dilemmas

So far it has been a very productive morning. Life is full of surprises and one thing that I have learned from my late manager, Christopher Parker is “Trust the Journey.”

Even as I write those words, I can hear his voice because today something has already happened and it’s as if he is speaking to me from heaven. Great things happen when you believe.

Never give up on yourself no matter what, and never believe anyone when they tell you you’re not worth anything.

I have been dieting for a while, my weight has fluctuated and I am back to where I started. What I can be proud of is that I am working at it. I wouldn’t say I am overweight or unhealthy, I would say I am chubby between a size 14/16. There, I said it. I want to be a size 12 so I decided to do something I would never have tried before.

I am going to start by eating a bowl of steel cut oatmeal (No sugar) every day, and 8 glasses of water, coffee no sweetener. Not for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but when I feel hungry. I am going to do this for two weeks and my goal is to drop 14 pounds by the end of two weeks. If it works, I will continue into the next two weeks. I’ll let you know. Don’t worry, I will be taking supplements and adding fruits and raw veggies in between. The object of this diet is to condition my body into eating what I should be eating so no more cravings. It’s basically mind over matter. And now it begins.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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